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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by David, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. David The boss!

    My as well say hello to everyone ....

    Name :: David

    Age :: Thirty *cough cough*. Sorry about that, nasty cold I've got currently ;)

    Interests :: Bikes (Obviously), computers, photography, football and generally getting out and about.

    Job :: Nothing interesting. Basically helping prepare raw meat and ready meals, which according to company information, feeds 5 million people a week. Oh well, it's job ....
  2. Ross Shipley New Member

    Name: Ross

    Age: 34

    Interests: Bike racing, rock music - guitars, songwriting, recording & production; I play in two bands (see below), I also enjoy woodworking and cooking.

    http://www.reverbnation.com/memoriumuk - original music
    http://www.morderstein.com/ - UK's leading Rammstein tribute

    Job: Distributor of boxes of charity sweets across North Yorkshire, raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Care. Currently studying to qualify as a Commercial Energy Assessor.
  3. Aklian Guest

    Hello all.....
    I am Abner .I am new here with name as Aklian. I love cars with graphics work or wrapping, you can say it my hobby. i am here to find out the solutions of problems and want to get information about cars. I hope you guys will help me out.

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